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Why North American?

North American Money Order Company has developed a flawless system for selling money orders in your convenience and grocery stores. The system includes:

Automated Money Order Machines

We will provide you with an automated money order machine for your location. It takes just a few seconds for our equipment to print money orders. Also, the machine will print shift and close-out reports for you. It communicates with North American through your store's existing phone line. We will maintain the machine and be responsible for all repairs and supplies associated with the machine.


Every night our machine automatically dials a toll-free phone number and downloads the day's transactions to us. Also, we can email to you on the day before every ACH draft a report detailing the ACH draft. We also have a web site in which you can view current and previous reports. If you'd rather, we can text message the ACH draft amount to your cell phone.

ACH Draft

Three times per week we will draft your bank account (Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays). Monday's draft will include sales from the previous Wednesday and Thursday. Tuesday's draft will include sales from the previous Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Thursday's draft will include sales from the previous Monday and Tuesday.

Point of Sale Advertising

We provide Point of Sale Advertising materials including posters, banners, and window decals. Also, we periodically visit your location and refresh the point of sale material.

Security Features and Other Services

We will handle stop payment requests; produce check copies as needed for no additional cost. We also monitor the sales information at your location to help you determine if any theft is taking place. Our machines are equipped with security features that ensure that only authorized employees are able to print money orders.